EDEN LOST – Road Of Desire

EDEN LOST - Road Of Desire


AOR Heaven
Release date: July 15, 2005

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Eden Lost is a Spanish band from Madrid, and they just released their very first full length album called Road Of Desire in July 2005. It is a 10 track CD with typical Melodic Hard Rock. This band takes the listeners back to the golden years of Melodic Rock – the 80s.

The album opens in a heavy way with the title track, “Road Of Desire,” a rock song that starts with the noise of a Harley bike, heavily influenced by the Mötley Crüe song “Girls Girls Girls.” Even if the songs by this band are very similar to the big bands from the Hard Rock scene of the 80s, one thing that could be marked in the first track and in couple of other songs is the contemporary, heavy guitar sound of Javier Nieto and Jesús Laso. As a whole, it is quite enjoyable and suits their rock song structures well. However, this album is not of the same high standard as the big star band albums released in the 80s.

“Only Girls” is a song with hit potential. Here they serve it all with intense guitar riffs and catchy choruses -– the song starts with the guys in the band whistling at some girls. It is a song which provides a great mood, and it easily could be a summer hit on the radio.

It is evident that this band is influenced by Bon Jovi. They are not nearly as good, but are absolutely a usable copy. The whole album, with exception of the last track, is filled with up-tempo songs. The one slow song, “In Your Eyes,” treats the listeners to what can be described as a classic Bon Jovi ballad. The song would have been better with another vocalist. Ignacio Prieto’s voice doesn’t fit as well here as it does in the up-tempo songs.

A positive aspect of the album is the good production. Everything is balanced. The guitar is powerful, the drums are on the correct level, the bass gives the right heavy feeling, and the vocals are clean as is typical with Melodic Hard Rock music. The recording took place in Madrid with help from the sound engineer, José del Pozo, who also has been involved with bands like Foo Fighters and Blink 182.

To sum it all up, Road Of Desire is a good album, but the balance between rockers and ballads could have been a bit better. There are a couple of real crackers here, but some of the songs lack the attitude and become just average. It is a good start from this band, and they indeed have got potential.


Ignacio Prieto – vocals
Javier Nieto – guitar
Jesús Laso – guitar
Javier Gallego – drums


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