MESMERIZE – Stainless

MESMERIZE - Stainless


Release date: June 13, 2005

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Mesmerize’s fourth album is like 60-minutes of huge high pressure. It is 3 years since their last album. The new CD, Stainless, will be released the 13th of June, 2005.

Those Italian guys have made an album with typical Heavy Metal music, and it sounds like many other bands from the Italian Metal scene – they fail to make a unique sound for themselves. It is no problem that bands play similar to their influences, but it is a deficiency in creativeness when they don’t put their own spin on things.

Even though this album is not the most exiting one, some tracks do bring enjoyment. “Triumph Of The Darksword” is one of the most interesting and best songs on the CD. Here they mix several Metal qualities, and even though this is the longest track on the album (7 min), it doesn’t become boring. This tune starts with some amazing work on the drums, and with some nice and easy backing vocals, which almost sound like humming. Then the song moves into the guitar solo before it all breaks loose with an angry attitude sound from the vocals. There’s some awesome yelling served up here. Being able to synthesize so many different influences into this song, and still managing to not sound too clichéd, is an amazing accomplishment. This song has got it all, and maybe even has got a chance for some playtime on radio stations. Barring this song, there aren’t many other songs with hit potential on this album; most of the tracks aren’t very memorable …

The remaining songs are not bad songs, they are just too average. Their music is lacking the brutality that is one important quality in great Metal music. It doesn’t need to be all ruthless, screaming, bloody, violent, and all those things, but some attitude is needed. Sadly, this band creates music without that “little extra.” Their music skills are excellent, so they appear to have the abilities to write some more exciting music.

This 10 track album doesn’t reflect its title –- this CD is far from Stainless. The band most certainly doesn’t “mesmerize” their listeners. The band compares themselves to bands like Iron Maiden and Helloween, but that has to be their childish dream.


olco Orlandini – vocals
Piero Paravidino – lead & rhythm guitar
Luca Belbruno – lead & rhythm guitar
Andrea Tito – bass
Andrea Garavaglia – drums


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