XSAVIOR – Caleidoscope

XSAVIOR - Caleidoscope


Release date: May 23, 2005

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Swedish Xsavior is made up of five men with individual experiences ranging from vast to considerable and with a common focus on writing the music they all believe in the most. Thus, their debut, Caleidoscope, is at the Progressive end of the musical rainbow, and a result of two years of hard work.

The Progressive nature is apparent, although not always in the most common sense of the concept. Xsavoir seems to try reaching a little further with their music and through key elements in their songwriting, and a quite unique production, they stretch the genre’s limits as well as the listener’s conception of Progressive music.

The 12 compositions making up Caleidoscope offer remarkable diversity. Apart from the quite ordinary ballad style found in “Take Me Home,” and the occasional mainstream Metal style choruses, the album has an almost theatrical character with hints Metal, Blues, and Industrial Metal, just to mention a few. Undoubtedly, its biggest asset lies in the arrangement complexity and multiple vocal facets, which indeed is of a “caleidoscopic” character.

Caleidoscope is likely to require quite a few spins before kicking into your good graces. The numerous influences aside, Xsavior reveal a potential as a unique force in evolving the Progressive genre. Also, the compositions are often dominated by the vocal phrases and choral arrangements as opposed to instrumental escapades or orgies of any kind. One could say that Xsavior attempts to make one helluva Progressive sandwich by tweaking and expanding the concept. It could be, however, a little too much to bite on for some and a tad too rich in taste for others.

The album is soundwise very modern, with contributions of sequencer work and a clean (almost sterile) production. The sound is quite clear, but with dominant treble, it does become tiring at times. Also, its richness in vocal variations does not compensate for its poverty on memorable melodies or phrases, except for the finale of “Xsavior,” the enchanting “Taj Mahal” suite, and some occasional uplifting moments.

Caleidoscope is an album for the curious and anyone devoted to the Swedish Metal sound. Regardless of your preference, Xsavior is a band to keep an eye on in the times to come.


Göran Edman – lead vocals
Benny Jansson – guitars/vocals
Matt Norberg – keyboards
Mathias Garnås – bass
Daniel Flores – drums/vocals


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