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BLANC FACES - Blanc Faces


Frontiers Records
Release date: May 23, 2005

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Melodic Hard Rockers Blanc Faces reach for inspiration in the likes of Toto, Journey, Boston, and Foreigner. With good melodies, catchy choruses, and emotional vocals, this New York based band is led by the brothers Robbie and Brian La Blanc. Robbie takes care of the vocal and rhythm guitar duties, while Brian plays the bass and sings backing vocals.

The brothers have a strong musical background, and have been on stage and in the studio with lots of top notch musicians. Their debut record, Blanc Faces, features contributions by various musicians, including Kyle Woodring of Styx and Survivor fame.

The opening track, “Here’s To You,” after its touchy intro, shows great keyboard work and songwriting, preparing ground for Robbie’s vocals. The vocals really hit home in this song, and couldn’t be any better. This song, as with many others in Blanc Faces, has love-related lyrics, sung with passion and inspiration.

“Edge of The World” is another emotionally inspired song. The chorus is very catchy, and the lyrics instantly “click.” This one flirts into Hollywood Hard Rock territory in the verses, while remaining true to the Toto/Boston mix that defines Blanc Faces’ style.

Hammond organs and a ballad-like feel make up the next track, “We’ll Make The Best Of It.” You simply can’t get enough of Robbie’s passionate singing. The song is again very well written, and the lyrics are addictive.

The first true ballad in “Stranger To Love” has nicely laid piano lines, and is really radio friendly… not in a bad way. If you liked 80’s power ballads, you’ll surely be into this one. Bon Jovi influences can also be pointed out here, with an almost “Bed of Roses” feel to it.

More fast paced, “Turn This World Around,” gets back into Melodic Rock territory, with yet more catchier choruses and guitars that have very cleverly written riffs… another radio friendly song here, although most Blanc Faces’ songs could get aired easily. There’s a Mr. Big feel to this track.

Another ballad, “It’s A Little Too Late,” has cheesy Electric Pianos and would be at home in a Lionel Ritchie record. It’s one of the worst songs on the record, but still very addictive. Beware Heavy Metal fans: This record may make you more open minded than you thought you could be.

“Staying Power” could easily belong in a Poison record. This Hard Rockin’ song has mean guitars in the best C.C. DeVille style… even the solo is more edgy than other songs on this record. Start listening to the record at this track if you’re not an AOR person.

“Where Do I Go From Here” is one of the songs that feel like “space fillers” on the record. There’s nothing special to it, just one more Blanc Faces styled track.

“Beneath This Heart” has a more Progressive mood, flirting into Yes and Rush territory, while staying true to the Melodic Rock formula of Blanc Faces. Airy synthesizers, catchy choruses, and Robbie’s trademark passionate vocals are included.

Another Power Ballad, “Pray For Me,” is the best ballad within Blanc Faces, with cool guitars and piano.

“Sorry For The Heartache” gets back to Hard Rock, Blanc Faces style, but flirting again with Poison and other Hollywood bands. Woth mentioning too is the hilarious song title, in the best Glam fashion.

The closing track, “We Will Rise,” has a Toto happy feel to it. The instant reference that comes to mind is “Gift of Faith.” Being a very nice written piece, this song stands out from the rest of the album because of its uniqueness. The guitar solo is definitely the best in Blanc Faces, and being the last song, this track leaves you wanting to hear more of what those guys have to offer.

It’s almost unbelievable that Blanc Faces is a debut album. There’s such maturity and confidence in the songs, and their style is very clearly defined. The songs are really catchy and will get you singing along without you even having time to notice. The recording quality is pristine clear sounding, with a great mixing by wizards Steve Milo and Fran Flannery… very much recommended for all AOR/Melodic Rock fans.


Robbie La Blanc – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Brian La Blanc – Bass and Backing Vocals
Kyle Woodring – Drums
Jeff Batter – Keyboards
Butch Taylor – Lead Guitar


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