at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway, May 5, 2005

If there is one band in Norway that can attract a crowd, it’s Turbonegro. These five rock icons have dedicated Turbojugend both in Norway as well as the rest of the world, and tonight they proved that they still can amaze with creative lyrics and a rockin’ stage show, still after over 15 years in the business. They played both oldies but goldies, and songs from their new album Party Animals, which singer Hank von Hell revealed was named after their fans, who truly are the Party Animals.

This concert was held on a Monday in Oslo, but still all the party animals were in the house. The concert also sold out on the first day of sales, and demand was so big that Turbonegro has to come back again at the end of May.

Turbonegro started off with “All My Friends Are Dead” from their latest album, a catchy song which no doubt will be one of this summer’s radio hits, followed up by “Back to the Dungaree High,” even without their trademark dungarees. Their new costumes seemed to work just as well.

After the original set, they, of course, came back out for extras. Wheeling out guitar player Pol Pot on stage in a wheel chair, Hank asked the audience to shout out “Give Pol welfare!, Give Pol welfare!” No reaction from Pol Pot, who was still stuck in the chair. Everyone knew where this was going, so when he finally rose from the chair during everyone shouting “I got Erection!,” the crowd went wild!

Rockefeller was hot and steamy and hearing 1200 people shouting “I got Erection!” sure is a special experience. The audience made this evening very easy for Hank Von Hell by singing along on every chorus. The band thanked the audience by letting Turbonegro Dollars fall from the ceiling. Great to see a big man like Hank jumping up and down and doing everything to liven up the place. You just have to love this guy! Seemed like the band had a great time on stage and Hank almost didn’t want to leave after the last song, and stayed on stage throwing black balloons and dancing the Zorba along with the audience.

Seeing Turbonegro live is the ultimate concert experience, and if you can’t enjoy Turbonegro live or on CD, maybe giving up Rock ’n’ Roll would be the next best thing to do.


  1. All My Friends Are Dead
  2. Back to the Dungaree High
  3. Sell Your Body (To the Night)
  4. Blow Me (Like the Wind)
  5. Denim Demon
  6. City of Satan
  7. Get It On
  8. Wasted Again
  9. Locked Down
  10. Fuck the World
  11. Final Warning
  12. Age of Pamparius
  13. Selfdestructo Bust
  14. Prince of the Rodeo
  15. High on the Crime
  16. I Got Erection


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