at Garage, Oslo, Norway, May 5, 2005

Fans flocked to the Garage, a small, intimate rock club in the center of Oslo, for the Thulsa Doom concert. The expectations were high after the band’s new music style on their latest album, Keyboard, Oh Lord! Why Don’t We?, and all the great reviews in the press lately.

Garage was filled up to the limit … it was a sold out show. After a bit of waiting, the band members entered the stage to the tone of an intense march step. They hit the stage with big smiles on their faces, and they charmed the audience from the first note. Their appearance seemed like they all are down to earth guys with a great sense of humour. Some will call them Norwegian masters of rock! Even if they are not equally fond of black leather and long hair, they totally rock and they are rooted in the Scandinavian retro scene.

Heavy? Yes, but in a clever kind of way. Rock? Definitely. They played mostly songs from their recent album, but also a couple of old hit tunes. With Angelov Doom (Egil Hegerberg) on bass and Doom Perignon (Henning Solvang) on guitar and vocals, they stole the show, not only due to their musical skills, but also for their funny comments to the audience during the whole show. It is maybe time for the music world to return to straight ahead rock as its choice to blend in decadent rebellion.

Thulsa Doom makes good arguments for returning to the good old 70s rock ‘n’ roll style. They created a nostalgic atmosphere when they presented their cover of the great Beach Boys song, “Tears In The Morning.” “Did we make it?”, the singer asked when the song was over, and a packed Garage yelled a inspired “yes”!!! They followed up with what they called “long slack rock” and “quick rock.” All genres were well received by their audience.

Midway in the show, the little narrow rock club, started to be very sweaty and clammy. In spite of all the dew, nothing seemed to stop either the band or their fans. Like Doom Perignon so poetically said, “Applause..!! Damn – it will not get any better than this. We rock hard, and you all get sweaty and clammy. Sorry, but we are simply so great!” And with no doubt, they were.

Though not quite as polished as their compatriots, Thulsa Doom absolutely delivered a hearty dose of no-nonsense rock. It was like young teenagers partying while their parents were out of town. The band enjoyed the moment, leaving the harsh consequences for another day.

When they lived the stage, the audience shouted them back on, and to their fans excitement they played a couple of more songs. The only thing lacking this evening was when the sound now and then became crackled, but it didn’t seem to concern the audience, which were spellbound from the begging to the end.

This concert was an absolute trip through insanity and back with Angelov Doom himself behind the wheel. Thulsa Doom does things that cause people to celebrate with good music and common human decency. This Norwegian foursome rocks, their music is something to get hooked on, which as of this moment is as hot and heavy as ever. These guys manage to stay one drink ahead in every facet. Thumbs up …!!!


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