BARCODE – Showdown


Nuclear Blast
Release date: April 11, 2005

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Danish hardcore band Barcode is out with their new album Showdown. This is Barcode’s fifth full-length album, their first on Germany’s largest label, Nuclear Blast, and a great opportunity for Barcode to be spread wider across the world. These guys have played together over 10 years which shows in their tight play.

Hardcore fan or not, Showdown brings out the kid in you; makes you want to get your saggy pants on and jump on the old skateboard … and, no doubt, when Barcode plays live there is definitely action going on in the mosh pit!

Recorded at Jailhouse Studios, produced by Dr. J, and mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen, Showdown is a 16-track CD, but due to the band getting in and out of the tunes quickly, it’s actually quite a short album — only 35 minutes long.

The vocals include a lot of screaming, which can get to be a bit much at times, and the music in itself can seem a bit tedious, but a good thing is the band’s choiring, and the American Anthem on “Fanatics” that gives a bit of variation in the music.

Barcode knows how to kick ass within their genre, which Nuclear Blast seems to put a lot of money into these days. Songs to look out for on this album are: “Fanatics,” “No Lust For Life,” and “I’m A Rebel.”


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