SOCIETY 1 – The Sound That Ends Creation

SOCIETY 1 - The Sound That Ends Creation


Earache Records
Release date: March 22, 2005

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The Sound That Ends Creation, Society 1’s third album, second on Earache Records, looks scary and sounds scary … at first. But don’t be scared by the first song “It Isn’t Me,” because this album has more to offer.

Society 1 describes themselves as a schizophrenic band, and this truly shows in their music. “It Isn’t Me” is a Dark Metal song, with low, Black Metal vocals, psycho screaming backing vocals, fuzzy guitars, and a lot of attitude, but it’s not one of the best songs on the album. “Let Me Live” is almost grunge-sounding, with Marilyn Manson-ish singing and a bit Soundgarden/Alice in Chains-sounding. “6 Months” goes more towards Nu-Metal; a bit annoying with the extreme hard-hitting drums during the chorus, but has a cool, almost Limp Bizkit sound to it.

Then one of this album’s winners is the catchy tune “No Father,” with rough bass and cool TV sound effects — almost a bit of Black Sabbath in there.

Another winner is “Realms of Bliss,” reminding a lot of Metallica’s “One” at times. Going from a very calm song to totally taking off after 1.5 minutes, then going back to the calm, beautiful “I want you to die in realms of bliss” again.

Unfortunately, the other six songs on this album don’t really stand out that much, and their lyrics are a bit juvenile. “Touch A Girl”(I just want to fuck the world) and “I Love Her”(and she’s dead) are two of the sentences that need to be mentioned here, but banal lyrics seem to hit it off these days. Just look at Norwegian Turbonegro who are currently conquering the world with lyrics like “All my friends are dead” and “Fuck the world.” Juvenile is fun, fun, fun!

In March 2004, singer Zane made history at the Key Club in Los Angeles by becoming the first singer ever to perform at a live concert while hoisted in the air, supported only by six meathooks inserted into his flesh. He has also made headlines concerning sado-masochistic adult movies. Society 1 are now touring Europe with Paradise Lost, so expect the unexpected!


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