at Betong, Oslo, Norway, March 4, 2005

European Thrash giants Kreator are out supporting their brilliant album Enemy Of God, and Norway was luckily not forgotten. Their Violent Revolution visit a few years ago was an astonishing concert, and hopes were up for this one to have a similar impact.

Mille Petrozza and his angry fourpiece entered the stage after great sets from no less than three support acts: Hatesphere, Ektomorf, and Dark Tranquility. And after the 19-year old intro of Pleasure To Kill‘s “Choir Of The Damned,” Kreator blasted into “Enemy Of God” like there was no tomorrow.

Their latest masterpiece album is produced by Andy Sneap, and it has a brutality and power that makes for a true challenge to take to the stage. But “Impossible Brutality” and “World Anarchy” lacked nothing, and on the latter, Jurgen Reil impressed with his Rush rip-off from “YYZ” during the middle part.

This was a night to remember for all who have followed these great Germans for 20 years, simply because nothing was forgotten, maybe with the exception of songs from their difficult 90’s albums Renewal, Cause For Conflict and Endorama. After a few new songs, they treated the retro-fans with “Pleasure To Kill” before revisiting Violent Revolution with the great intro “The Patriarch” and the title track “Violent Revolution.”

Their international breakthrough album, Extreme Aggression, was represented with the best known tracks as well, with “Extreme Aggressions” mid-set and tremendous versions of “Betrayer” and “Love Us Or Hate Us” at the end.

The highlights were many, and the crowd followed Mille Petrozza’s wishes by contributing to making the wildest mosh-pit the venue’s guards never wished would have happened… so after two hours of ear-blasting Thrash Metal, adding three loud support bands before them, Kreator left the ear-bleeding audience with Endless Pain‘s “Flag Of Hate” and “Tormentor.”

Setlist: Intro (Choir Of The Damned)/Enemy Of God/Impossible Brutality/Pleasure To Kill/Phobia/The Patriarch/Violent Revolution/World Anarchy/Extreme Aggressions/People Of The Lie/Voices Of The Dead/All Of The Same Blood/Riot Of Violence/Terrible Certainty/Reconquering The Throne/Betrayer

Encores: Terrorzone/Love Us Or Hate Us/Flag Of Hate/Tormentor


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