TWYSTER – Xplode

TWYSTER - Xplode


Massacre Records
Release date: February 28, 2005

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When Twyster brought out their debut album, Lunatic Siren, in 2002, there was no indication of the band’s true potential. Now, one and a half years later, this band from Western Germany gathered their druthers with a second recording called Xplode. The German press honored this album with glowing reviews, but do they deserve it?

Xplode was released February 28, 2005, and there is a chance that this CD will be this band’s big breakthrough. Their music is somewhere between Melodic and Power Metal, and it is hard to compare them with any other bands. They have developed their own style, and they sound a bit different than the masses. They don’t play it safe, and don’t follow the current trends – they use Hard Rock elements in their own sound arena… and that makes for rather interesting music.

None of the thirteen tracks are big highlights in and of themselves, but most of the songs are good, if not above average. Songs like “Push Me Down” and “The Storm Is Back” are full of anger and energy. The rhythm on the album is frenetic, with great guitar riffs, melodies that are very well done, and an authentic drum sound. The band used the same producer on Xplode as they had on their debut album, and to cut a long story short – you’ve got to give an overall thumbs up for this album.

The front figure, Coco, has a good voice and gives the songs a great vibe. She really fits well with the songs at this album. In some songs she screams her lungs out, but she also sounds sweet during the ballads. Her voice helps create a great atmosphere – she is so into the Metal feel of this album. In some of the songs she almost sounds a bit like Nightwish’s Tarja and Doro Pesch. Coco is a lady with a deep voice, and it has quite some power too. Coco’s vocals reach the high notes easily, but she can be angry as hell on the next verse; as if she is exploring new ways to sing. The only downside with her vocals is her German accent, which drags the album a bit down.

Ralf Jahnel, the guitarist, is another plus. There’s no need for a crystal ball to figure out that this guy can play. He plays some great solos, and does an overall good job in most of the tracks. The arrangements are clever and so way above the average that it definitely bears mentioning.

There is some great potential here, and they should have a fair chance on the European Metal scene. They give the listener some plain, good, Hard Rock –- and their message is: bang those heads! Keep an eye on this band … this is a fun listen for every Metal fan!!!


Coco – vocals
Ralf Jahnel – guitar
Oliver Emde – Bass
Andres Vegara-Ruiz – drums


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