DIO – Evil Or Divine

DIO - Evil Or Divine


Spitfire Records
Release date: February 22, 2005

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It’s a no-brainer really; after all when Dio released Evil or Divine on DVD, Meatheadz everywhere were wondering, “Where is the accompanying CD?” Well it took a while, (more than a year), but here it is: not quite in it’s entirety, but a very nice offering just the same.

Recorded on Friday the 13th, February 2002, Evil or Divine captures Dio at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. As always, Dio is one to please his ever-loyal and devoted fan base; Evil or Divine encompasses one of the longest careers in Metal-dom by showcasing 1975’s “Man on the Silver Mountain,” originally recorded with legendary guitarist Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow, yet including pieces as recent as 2002’s “Killing the Dragon.” All the hits from over the years are here, “Rainbow in the Dark,” “Stand Up and Shout,” and “The Last in Line,” to name a few. A real treat, though, is the medley of “Egypt (The Chains are On),” and the Black Sabbath classic “Children of the Sea.”

Guitarist Doug Aldrich really nails the “Children of the Sea” intro perfectly, and handles the rest of the Dio repertoire like the seasoned pro that he is. Standing stage left, as he had for so many years, the highly underrated Jimmy Bain holds the reigns on the bass. Former Warrant keyboardist Scott Warren creates a mystic tapestry of sound, and laying down the back beat is the always amazing Simon “I hit these drums every bit as hard as Vinny Appice” Wright. Together, this is one of the best backing bands Dio has played with, besides maybe the original Holy Diver/Last in Line lineup.

And what can be said about the man himself? Ronnie James Dio has been involved with and putting out music since before the term Rock ‘N’ Roll was even coined, and that is no joke. For a man who stands in diminutive stature, he has the voice that has defined Hard Rock and Heavy Metal for more than three decades. Besides having a great voice and one of the best stage personas going, he writes fantastic songs and always gives to his fans and supporters in an amazingly selfless way. Still touring today with a schedule that younger bands wouldn’t even dream of, Dio caters to every market that will host him and puts on a solid performance night after night.

Evil or Divine captures just one of those nights, but it epitomizes what Dio has always been about: the music. Fourteen killer tracks and an all-out ripping guitar solo will keep your stereo loud and pounding for over an hour. If you missed the tour, here is your chance to partake in its offerings. The perfect companion to the DVD of the same name, Evil or Divine, is a must for Dio fans and for all those who call Metal home.


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