ANGER – The Bliss

ANGER - The Bliss


Armageddon Music
Release date: January 17, 2005

Vocals: B+
Guitars: C
Bass: B
Drums: B
Keys: C
Recording Quality: B
Lyrics: C+
Originality: B
Overall Rating: B

User Review
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Today’s Modern Metal or “Nu-Metal,” as it’s been coined, has at times offered very little that can be construed as “Nu.” Bands rehash or copy the same beats, shouted vocals, grungy thin guitar sound, etc., and release what sounds like the same material every year. Additionally, musicians from different musical backgrounds try to jump on the bandwagon just to be hip and cash in on the rage. Portugal’s Anger, on the other hand, strives to be slightly different by offering something other “Nu-Metal” bands don’t … namely melody. This can be attributed to the strong voice of singer Pedro Pereira, heavy grooves laid down by a strong rhythm section, and delivery of stabbing guitar lines. The songs on The Bliss, Anger’s third release, come off sounding aggressive yet melodic.

The opening moments of the first track, “Feel My Anger,” will have you becoming a “Doubting Thomas,” as this track has a chorus accompanied by grungy guitar and shouted vocals. About a minute and a half into the track, though, you’ll realize the impact singer Pereira can have, as he delivers a multi-layered melodic chorus. The next track, “Another Game,” opens with a catchy, heavy groove, delivered by bassist Ricardo Melo. Throughout the CD, Melo certainly knows how to deliver a nice, heavy bottom end. Granted, the first two tracks on this album aren’t the greatest, as they only hint at what Anger is about. It’s not until track three, “Iced,” that Pereira delivers a multi-tracked melodic chorus over a stabbing guitar line that will have listeners realizing the band’s potential.

If there’s any further doubt, listen to the opening of the track, “Devil In My Mind,” with its bobbing bass line and “in your face” drumming by Alfonso Corte-Real. The best tracks on the release have to be “Innersight” and “Gonna Drown,” with their distorted, stabbing guitar, strong bass lines, nice offbeat drumming, and, of course, crystal clear melodic vocal delivery.

On the negative side, there are the occasional musical slips into the old ways of the “Nu,” especially true with the occasionally overdone shouted, gagging, vocal lines that are delivered during a lot of the tracks. It really detracts from the otherwise melodic, aggressive sound the band seemed to be striving to achieve. They say old habits die-hard … this thankfully can be overlooked with the vocal talent of Pereira and the strong grooves delivered by the rhythm section of Melo and Corte-Real. Additionally, the stabbing guitar lines delivered by Vinagre during the more melodic times have an artistic panache about them reminiscent of U2’s The Edge.

The Bliss might not be total “bliss” for everyone, but if your tastes can handle having your “Nu-Metal” buzz saw oiled once in awhile, then you’re in for a treat. To paraphrase Armageddon Music’s words, the sound on The Bliss is dimensional, aggressive yet melodic, Metal yet alternative, modern yet classic. Go buy yourself some!


Vocals: Pedro Pereira
Guitar: Lino Vinagre
Bass: Ricardo Melo
Drums: Alfonso Corte-Real
Keyboards and Samples: Luis Silva


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