ATA D’ARC – Call Of Peace

ATA D'ARC - Call Of Peace


Ravenrock Productions
Release date: January 11, 2005

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Brazil has been a small but consistent provider of nice additions to the Power Metal scene. After Angra’s split-up and Shaaman’s launch, not a single band has drawn enough attention from the international media to be worth mentioning.

Trying to stand out in the crowd, the Brazilian band Ata D’Arc, their name being a tribute to Joan D’Arc, launched their first EP. Call of Peace has much more story behind it than it may seem at first. The album’s producer should’ve been Duane Baron of Dream Theater, Ozzy Osbourne, and Alice Cooper fame. After an unfortunate drawback by their sponsors, the band couldn’t come up with enough cash to afford such great production, yet they still wanted to give their fans something to whet their appetites. That is what Call of Peace is: a self-sponsored and produced teaser of their forthcoming full-length debut album.

Their sound is a mixture of Power Metal with Renaissance and Latin music, with great lyrical content and nicely arranged pieces. The vocals, handled by Tulio de Torres, are somewhat similar to Andi Deris’ and are impressive. All other band members handle their parts skillfully and cohesively, while providing a solid foundation for Tulio to sing his best.

The fast-paced “The Call of Peace” is the album’s opening track. All Power Metal standards are there, along with nice singing and lots of energy. Although it may sound a bit cliché, this is the only song in Call of Peace that doesn’t defy the genre’s standards, but demonstrates proficiency in the band’s songwriting.

The ballads “Shadows” and “Time for the Time” feature Indian-rooted flutes and Renaissance acoustic guitars, providing great contrast with the more up-tempo songs of the album. Tulio’s passionate singing makes the lyric content shine alongside the nice melodies crafted for both his vocals and the flutes.

The band’s instrumental power is showcased in “Dark Eyes,” with great guitar and keyboard solos. The arrangement for this song is also great, with very cohesive bass and drums.

Although the overall sound quality lacks the talents of a good producer and a good studio, the songs are good enough to make for an exciting listening experience that is enjoyable from the first to the last song. While remaining true to its Power Metal roots, the band flirts with other styles and creates a soundscape that should be viewed as both eclectic and interesting to Metal fans as well as the general public.


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    Alex is a reviewer here at Metal Express Radio, born and raised in Curitiba, PR, Brazil, yet living in Antwerp, Belgium, since 2010. AC/DC was his first intro to Rock and Metal, but Metallica and Iron Maiden were the turning point for his love of the genre. Alex has played the guitar since he was 14, and has been an aspiring musician ever since.  Also serving as lead guitarist and vocalist for Belgian/Brazilian Hard Rock outfit SSC, Alex and co. have released a single a few years ago, but are yet to follow with a full-length  release that's been 20 years in the works. When Alex is not writing for MER or making music, he works at the Belgian tech scene, having served as CTO and other technical roles in numerous startups and organizations.

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