BROKEN TEETH – Blood On The Radio

BROKEN TEETH - Blood On The Radio


Perris Records
Release date: 2004

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Broken Teeth’s latest release, Blood on the Radio, is a live venture encompassing their first two albums. One could try to come up with a plethora of over-the-top expressions (phenomenally fantastic, devastatingly dangerous, etc.) to describe the onslaught these guys levy at the crowd, but then the listener would be missing the point. The point being that this, Rock N’ Roll to be specific, isn’t rocket science.

At a time when the airwaves and the media outlets are overflowing with slick productions and computer-enhanced sounds, Broken Teeth are reminding us where it all started. To say there is nothing new here would be an understatement. Grab any one of your pre-Back in Black AC/DC albums, and you will be listening to the same three chords set to a simple four/four drum beat, with a root-note-huggin’ bass-line that rocks! No, this isn’t an AC/DC cover band; what it is, though, is an obvious revival of the classic garage band sound to its utmost level.

Jason McMaster of the successful late 80’s group Dangerous Toys is fronting this outfit and does a fantastic job. He doesn’t have the sexy swagger of the legendary Bon Scott, but he certainly delivers a guttural barroom holler. The guitars go crunch, the drums go thump, and the bass keeps the whole thing rolling. There are fifteen songs here, not one any better than the rest. No ballads, no excuses, no time to come up for air. The only new track, served up mid set, is a tune by the name of “Bonfire,” which is also the name of the AC/DC box set. Coincidence? Probably not.

When the weekend rolls around and you’re ready to kiss the work week goodbye, throw on Blood on the Radio and get your party rituals started. It is a feast for your speakers … just add volume! You may not know the lyrics, but you certainly will know the tunes … a little bit of “Unghh” and a whole lotta’ “Yeaaahhh …” and you’ll know that everything is going to be all right.


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