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Cool sound, cool name, cool style, cool CD-cover, cool lyrics … everything is so cool and in time with Dead Sheriff … but that ”thing” that will bring them over the top just isn’t there on their this album.

Dead Sheriff was founded in 1999, and they are from a small city outside of Oslo (Norway), called Drammen, or Drammen Rock City as it’s called in their neighborhood. They have a pure rock ’n’ roll attitude and sound, but unfortunately Norway has had a flow of these kind of bands in recent years( like The Carburetors, WE, Gluecifer, etc). With a great promoter and a lot of guts, who knows, these guys might make it big.

By All Means has thirteen tracks. Cool lyrics can be found on “Million Dollar Smile,” and “The Tombstone” is a great song that should be released for radio play this instant – a potential hit. But the sound on the rest of their songs is a bit too similar.

There’s a lot of great rock ’n’ roll guitars and hard-hitting drums. Because of the production, the drums are a bit too loud and overly on top of the music on some of the songs. Eigil Moe on vocals has an exciting and rare voice, but he can get a bit annoying on some of the high notes.

Dead Sheriff gets great live reviews from Norwegian Media and fans alike, and with this much potential they could definitely be around for a while!

For more information on Dead Sheriff, be sure to check out their cool website, where you also can listen to most of their new songs.


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