At Garage, Oslo, Norway, October 28, 2004

Silver is finally back in Norway after 5 gigs in the USA; playing the legendary CBGB and leaving New York with positive reviews.

Silver started off with “Funeral Class One” from their White Diary album, definitely an exploding start! Seemed like Garage was filled to the rim with everything from their fans, their friends, and their congregation… just one big, happy family!

For those who have seen Silver play bigger scenes like the Oya Festival in Oslo or Schools Out (mini festival with Alice Cooper, Turbonegro, and Brides Of Destruction) in Oslo Spectrum this summer, Silver in a small club like Garage is so much better.

The tension in the club was electric, everyone was jumping and singing out of excitement. Silver delivered all of the favorite tunes from both of their official albums, and also their more unknown releases. Of course their T.V./Radio hits “Angels Calling” and “Intimate Cussing” were the highlights.

It’s not often you can say that a band plays better live than on CD, but Silver is one of the exceptions! The only bad thing about this concert was that that it was just too Goddamn short!

This is a band that looks good, plays well, and has the right image. Their singer, Blanco Summer, is the most charismatic blondie since Vince Neil (of Mötley Crüe) and the most “brat-like” punk since Johnny Rotten (of The Sex Pistols), so the future indeed looks bright for these five young guys. Silver also are nice Christian Church-goers, so they are truly “the candy coated irony”


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