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Release date: October 25, 2004

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Nostradameus’s 4th studio album is here! This CD can be described in just one word – “solid.” Solid performances all around, solid production, and even a solid, pure Metal cover. Feel free to insert your own word in solid’s place. Even the band members on the back cover look like a solid Metal band with their long hair and leather gear.

There’s nothing at fault here, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to hold onto either. Even after several spins, not one chorus stays in your head, yet you’re left with a mysterious urge to play the CD again.

Nostradameus comes from Gothenburg (Sweden) and play traditional Metal with current day overtones. The band cites Priest, Purple, and Rainbow (among others) as their favorite bands. So even on paper, they appear to be like a solid Metal band. The traditional Metal influences can be easily spotted and these are occasionally spiced up with more aggressive tones and calmed down again with smooth vocal harmonies. Power Metal influences are also thrown in during some of the guitar and melody passages.

Certainly, one is hard pressed to recall any titles or choruses after listening to this CD. It all goes by in a pleasant stream of sweet Metal Sounds, so you won’t be tempted to turn it off. This one speaks of mystery. Maybe it just needs to be played more. Maybe there’s a secret code to be cracked here. Maybe just one more spin?

There are cool guitar lines and even raspy vocals to be found within and the familiarity of the sound will keep drawing you in, but this one is no instant keeper. Impressions after several spins may not change much, although one is still tempted to give this just one more chance via yet another spin. By now the lines about having love in our hearts in “Hellbound” and “Your Betrayal” are stuck in your mind. What eventually does catch on are the strong and solid vocals of Freddy Persson, and the memory of the track that sounded a bit like early W.A.S.P. Now which track was it, and what was the name of that track … . … lost in giving Hellbound yet another spin.


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