SHADOWS FADE – Shadows Fade

SHADOWS FADE - Shadows Fade


Frontiers Records
Release date: October 18, 2004

Vocals: B
Guitars: B
Bass: C
Drums: C-
Keys: C
Recording Quality: B+
Lyrics: C
Originality: C
Overall Rating: C

User Review
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Other then slight rhythm guitar, piano and background vocal support, Shadows Fade, the band, is a modern day two-man band. The band features the talents of Kevin Chalfant (Two Fires / The Storm) on vocals and Italian guitarist Alex De Rosso. Alex is best known as the guitarist who replaced John Norum in the touring version of the band Dokken during their European tour in 2002. Alex seems to be the workhorse of the Shadows Fade team, as he owns the credits for guitars, bass, drum programming, keyboards, vocals (presumably back-up vocals as Kevin is the main pipes man) and production. With all these credits to his name, one has to wonder whose “band” it really is, as the slick sheet portrays Kevin Chalfant as the main man.

Sad to say, unless you’re a hardcore Chalfant fan, there is nothing new offered here. This release is straight, safe, sugar-coated AOR music with song titles like “Run To Me,” “My Ocean,” and “First Love Song.” The opener “Twisted Again” has the most memorable chorus of the bunch and is probably the “heaviest” of the release. Don’t misunderstand, Chalfant delivers a strong vocal performance throughout the release; it’s just unfortunate that you won’t hear him sing something he hasn’t sung before. De Rosso does an admirable job on guitar, but offers nothing to write home about. He’s just not as flashy or melodic as a George Lynch or John Norum. His guitar solos don’t wring out any additional emotion from a track to make that lasting mark on the listener. To add insult to injury, the drum programming adds no flair or intensity to these tracks. There truly is no drum programming technology as fluid as an actual live drummer. A live drummer might have indeed added some of that missing “oomph” to this release.

If you’re a hardcore fan of Chalfant’s singing and past projects, then you’ll most assuredly like this release, just don’t expect any surprises. If you like a little edge to your music, then look elsewhere.


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