EVEN X – Angry Mirror

EVEN X - Angry Mirror


Sunland Records
Release date: October 18, 2004

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If you reflect on the concept of Angry Mirror, the first Even X, album, for a minute you might decipher the subtle self examination suggested by the words. With a bit of contemplation you may begin to see the subtle nuance that Even X is exploring inside the vestige of Nu-Metal.

Led by vocalist Ricky Kay, Even X will tantalize both the melody-conscious Metal fan as well as the Hard Core raspy-throated growlers. Kay blends the different vocal styles fluently, sounding like a very angry Lane Staley at times. Corey Druman’s guitar tone is thick and low, while Jason Bates handles the skin bashing and bassist Darren Isky lays down a PHAT bottom end.

In the vein of bands such as Sevendust and Taproot, Even X have a very modern drop tuning sound that should earn them recognition alongside today’s heavy hitters in the Rock radio markets. The album is full of short, hook-laden, head-banging songs that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. Then there are the lyrics that delve into self-awareness, or lack thereof, as in the title track. “Cries of Time” tells the true story of a man haunted by his inability to save his girlfriend from drowning; “Enemy” is a timely topical song addressing the corrupt nature of war and the scars of those who fight it. “Let the Bitch Come Up” is sure to raise someone’s dander before they actually here it; nothing like a little scandal to generate interest.

A few spins of this disc and you will feel like you are spinning on a carousel of the damned. With its droning synth-bass tones and ominous lyrical edges you might find yourself lured into its grey waters. The album was mixed by Logan Mader, former guitarist for Machine Head and Soulfly, who creates a mesmerizing blanket of sound. The album’s only weakness is the tendency of the guitar lines to stay low on the neck, rarely taking any explorative notes higher up.

Despite a little repetitiveness, “Angry Mirror” is a satisfying first release. Loads of energy with heaps of intrigue leaves the listener whetted and ready to see what Even X will bring with a little more experience under their belts.


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