SKELETOR – HellFireRockMachine

SKELETOR - HellFireRockMachine


Go Nuts Music/SPV
Release date: October 4, 2004

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The CD cover already lets you know what you’re in for with this German four piece’s second release: Fast Cars and Fast Women. This is Hard Rock made for hot rod races and motorcycle crowds.

Right from the start, you get the feeling that you have caught a ride in a getaway car in a fast-moving car chase. The speed hardly ever slows down, and you can almost smell the burning rubber. The band themselves say they are playing Hellfire Rock ‘n’ Roll, and you can definitely feel the flames burning on this one.

There’s a lot of humor and clever sentences in the lyrics, but they are not overly obvious. It’s likely only after a couple of spins that you’ll start paying closer attention to what is being said, and you may find yourself chuckling at times.

The first single, “Trust Nobody,” believe it or not, can actually be classified as only a mid-tempo song, as far as the speed on this baby goes. “Spader” and “World In Black” slow the pace down a bit, but it seems like these guys can’t resist speeding up their songs all the way to eleven!

This CD offers you perfect songs to play air guitar or drums to, even if that’s not what you would normally do! The energy that this one produces just makes it impossible to sit still while listening.

“Rock ‘n’ Roll Man” is a song Danko Jones would have been proud to have written with its tongue in cheek macho lyrics. In fact, if you’re looking for reference points, then imagine Backyard Babies mixed with Danko Jones with more clear-cut vocals, and then you’d be close to the sound of Skeletor.

It’s only with the lyrics of the last 2 songs that the over all feel comes down a little. The vocal deliverance lacks conviction. Singer Matt Skeletor neither sounds desperate nor aggravated in “Desperation,” and he doesn’t sound like he’s stuck in a rut in a “Rat Race.” It may be best just to ignore the lyrics on these two and concentrate on the ride instead.

Skeletor comes from Reeperbahn, and thus could have been expected to sound a bit more dangerous … but all you’re in danger of now is being seriously entertained. Hell yeah!


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