PULSE – Worlds Apart

PULSE - Worlds Apart


SPV Records
Release date: September 13, 2004

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Hello, is this 2004? Not according to UK’s very own Adult Oriented Rock (AOR)- conquerors Pulse. But, in a good way, Pulse fits in perfectly amongst Bad English, early Dare, Magnum and other 80’s adult rock galore.

Pulse is comprised of well-experienced musicians, many of them involved in previous projects with familiar faces. Guitar player Vince O’Regan has been an important part of Bob Catley’s (Magnum) solo band, along with the talented singer Simon Abbotts, they are back with their second album after the self-titled debut in 2001.

Pulse’s second album, Worlds Apart, is a delightful piece of work if you are really into this genre. The description ‘not for everyone, but fine within its field’ couldn’t fit better. The title track stands out as one of the highlights, with a striking chorus you won’t forget.

Ballads are a big part of this genre, and “Talk To My Heart” and “Break The Chain” are two of those. They’re not that great, but they surely have the right elements to fit in. Pulse works best when they keep it up-tempo, like on “Nothing I Can Do About It”, “Lost Without You”, and the stand-out track alongside “Worlds Apart”; “You’re Not Alone”.

Pulse’s second album may not be the answer to all your AOR-prayers, but due to lack of a giant in this genre, Pulse is by far a competent enough.


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