SCAVENGER – Madness To Our Method

SCAVENGER - Madness To Our Method


Sentinel Records
Release date: 2004

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This Irish Metal band was formed in 2001, and Madness To Our Method is their debut CD. This album offers some great headbanging music for fans of Power and Thrash Metal, and also lovers of a Progressive sound. But it may not necessarily blow you away!!!

Scavenger’s sound is predominantly in the Classic Heavy Metal style, and their music sounds like it could have been made in the 1980’s, or early 1990’s, but they also show a great deal of modern authority. Tracks like “Prisoner of Time” and “On the Outside” resemble what Iron Maiden and Metallica have done through the years … however, just a little more laid back than either of those two bands. Actually, almost the whole CD has touches of Maiden within it. Another track that stand out is “Unstoppable Motion,” which quite possibly could become a hit.

Scavenger has definitely got potential. Musically, the guitar and bass work handled by Noel Macher and Niall Cooney, respectively, along with Johnny Kerr on drums, is tight. Macher creates monstrous Metallica-influenced riffs, with inspirational and well-composed melodic parts. In certain segments, however, you get the feel that they would have benefited from another guitar player, and maybe the Producer should have given Macher a cleaner tone for the solos and during the melodic parts.

On vocals, Peter Dunne has a clear voice, but it seems he doesn’t show his full potential here. Anyhow, his voice does fairly well … he almost never intrudes on the playing of the other band members.

The songs on Madness To Our Method are a bit long, but they manage to present their music with good enthusiasm, but unfortunately not enough to make it thoroughly interesting. Their one instrumental track on the album doesn’t blend well with the sound of the rest of the CD, but overall they have managed to deliver an “ok” debut album, by mixing traditional 80/s Heavy Metal and modern rock influences. For a debut album, this recording is a good start and there is a lot of room for these guys to grow. It/s well suited to serve as your daily dose of headbanging, so from that aspect, this CD is a success.

Scavenger’s songs in this debut album don/t really reach out and demand to be listened to, however. The band obviously tries hard, but they aren’t ready to join the ranks of the elite yet.

Madness to our Method was recorded at Fat Dog studios, and the CD was mixed and mastered by Stuart Anstis (Ex-Cradle of Filth) at Sound Cage, UK. The band is under contract with the Irish Metal Label: Sentinel Records.


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