DELTA – Apollyon Is Free

DELTA - Apollyon Is Free


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Release date: 2004

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Most people do not know who the band Delta is. They are a newcomer from Chile who are trying their luck in the European market. Delta released their debut album, Apollyon Is Free in November last 2004. This is a record with depth, but not blessed with the best production that accentuates the band’s emotional pull and commitment. Their debut is hardly a work of groundbreaking originality.

This six guys come from far away, and their music skills are very good, especially the work of the guitarists and the keyboardist. Their music is Power Metal with some influences from Progressive Metal. The band was born early in the year 2003, but their professional career started at the end of 2003 when they had the chance to record this debut album.

Opening track “Why Are You So Far?” is a fast-burning masterstroke that has edge, vitality, and a real sense of determination. The guitar riffs are amazing; thumbs up! The title track proves again the quality of the guitarists, which just are amazing, but the band has a big problem, and that is the vocals. The voice of Felipe del Valle does not fit the music at all, and he brings the album down to a lower point. If the vocals fell into place better, the results can be breathtaking.

A good and exciting trait in Delta’s music is that they dare to mix in some arrangements with influences from classical composers like Antonio Vivaldi … and they do that very well, which maybe leaves promise for a bright and better future?

This collection of songs contains strong melodies and tight guitars; all colored with bits of keyboards and bass. The music is aggressive and it leaves room for individual instrument performance, which gives opportunity for good guitar and keyboards solos.

This 11-track debut (70 minutes) provides no frills and no gimmicks; just some good songs, but a big void exists in the singer, who doesn’t fit this music genre. The album is a bit untidy too, as it seemed to start dragging at some point in the middle. Another low point of the album is that the songs simply are too long … and it’s like they never reach their climax. Delving into a deeper listen reveals a band that on its own merit could easily make a substantial mark in the Power Metal underground.


Felipe del Valle – vocals
Santiago Kegevic – bass
Andres Rojas – drums
Benjamin Lechuga – guitar
Jorge Sepulveda – guitar
Nicolas Quinteros – keyboards


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