Frontiers/Perris Records
Release date: August 18, 2004

Vocals: B
Guitars: B-
Bass: C
Drums: C
Recording Quality: B
Lyrics: B
Originality: B
Overall Rating: C+

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It’s hard to imagine that the oddly entitled ? release represents Enuff Z’ Nuff’s fourteenth release. The year 1989 and their first, self-titled release doesn’t seem that far in the past. The good news for Enuff Z’Nuff fans is that this CD, originally released in Japan, features all the original members back together again in a recording studio. This includes Donnie Vie, Chip Znuff, Vic Fox, and Derek Frigo. The unfortunate news is that this is the last recording said line-up will ever make, due to the untimely passing of guitarist Derek Frigo in May of 2004.

There is no question (pun intended) that Enuff Z’Nuff delivers a Pop style that is truly unique. They produce a sound of their own that is somewhat difficult to characterize, which might be part of the reason that listeners are either big fans of the band or just plain non-fans. Part of this unique style is due to the vocals of Donnie Vie whose presence is evident seconds into opening track “Gorgeous.” Donnie’s vocal style coupled with the vibe of the track keeps it sounding like a mix between Pop, a touch of Folk, and a bit of The Beatles.

The next track, “Home Tonight,” starts out with a vocal style reminiscent of Elvis Costello, and, coupled with the mid-tempo music, is a fitting partnership for providing a solid Pop song.

The third track, “Help,” does very little to break the tone set by the opening tracks, other then offering a tasty little solo by Frigo. One of the fiercest tracks on the release is represented by “Hang On For Life,” with its slightly distorted guitar riff and a vocal play-off between Donnie and, presumably, Chip. The track, “This Guy,” is a catchy little pop number that is a reminder to some of the earliest Enuff Z’Nuff hits (even if it sounds a little like another 80’s Chicago-based band named Off Broadway).

The surprise of the release has to be the album closer, which is a cover of Queen’s “Stone Cold Crazy.” It’s actually quite a surprising heavy delivery for this band, after listening to pop overtones of the preceding ten tracks. To the band’s credit, they pull it off quite well and show that they can indeed rock heavy when they so desire.

This release is far from Melodic Hard Rock, even farther from Heavy Metal. The bottom line for this latest Enuff Z’Nuff release is that current fans will find enough here to be happy about … which warrants a purchase. At the same time, this release will do nothing to win over or convert listeners who’ve heard the band and aren’t already fans. Unfortunately, it’s not a lead guitar-laden release that might have served as a more fitting musical farewell to a respected Rock guitarist in Derek Frigo.


Donnie Vie: Singer, Lead Guitar, Producer, Engineer
Chip Znuff: Electric Bass Guitar, Guitars & Singer, Producer
Derek Frigo: Lead Guitar
Vic Fox: Drums & Percussion
Ricky Parent: Drums & Percussion


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