THE TEA PARTY – Seven Circles

THE TEA PARTY - Seven Circles


Release date: August 17, 2004

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The world is full of emotional rock bands -– poodle rockers — as some of them don’t like to be called. But, since there are so many of them, is it pretty hard to be one of those bands that actually are worth listening.

The Tea Party is a Canadian band who have been around since the early 90s. Seven Circles is the seventh album release from this Hard Rock band. They are quite famous in Canada and Australia, but not so well known in Europe. This album is not a masterpiece, but these guys have delivered an above average album.

Seven Circles is filled with very radio friendly tracks, but is maybe a bit too commercial. It’s like the band doesn’t show their honesty, passion, and emotion in what they do. Are their true identities hidden just to sell more albums? Or are they just not the greatest band in the world and this is the best they can do to lift their music to another level?

The songs are mostly heavy, but they lack the dark, brutal, raw, and emotional touch. Again, the album is not bad, it’s just a bit boring and lacks attitude. One of the highlights is “One Step Closer Away.” This song is filled with intense drumming… it’s like Jeff Burrows is beating the crap out of his drums; the sound is amazing. The vocals are dark, and they fit the music perfectly. The only weakness in this track is the bass line, which is a bit too strong during the chorus.

The title track, which also is the last song on the album, is a bit different than the other songs. In “Seven Circles,” there are some great guitar solos — very clean — and the keyboards are pretty intense; there is a sense of the Middle-East feeling all over it, making this the most exciting track on the album.

Another good song is “Empty Glass.” This is probably a tribute to the 70s and especially David Bowie. This song gives the listener a good Rock ‘n’ Roll feeling. In the end, the album contains 11 tracks of pure, heavy, melodic music. The sound quality is good, but not magnificent. This release is produced by Bob Rock (Metallica, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith) and Gavin Brown. Decent work has been delivered by these Canadian guys, but it’s a record without the big highlights.


Jeff Martin – guitars, vocals
Stuart Chatwood – bass, keyboards
Jeff Burrows – drums


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