at Garage, Oslo, Norway, June 12, 2004

For the first time in many attempts, Exodus succeeded in finally getting to Norway to play without being cancelled. In their heyday, Exodus was a fine Thrash band, just behind Anthrax, Testament, and Megadeth.

This year saw the release of Tempo Of The Damned, an excellent album 12 years since the disappointing swansong Force Of Habit. The pioneers of Thrash are back, 19 years after their historical release Bonded By Blood that far and away started the whole Bay Area Thrash Movement.

They didn’t pack the Garage entirely this night, but it was a dedicated crowd who finally experienced Exodus in their hometown. They started off with “Scar Spangled Banner”, and visited their past with great versions of “Deliver Us To Evil”, “Piranha”, “Till Death Do Us Apart”, “Fabulous Disaster” and “Toxic Waltz”.

During “Toxic …” and “Bonded By Blood”, the crowd went completely mental, and it was total mayhem in the pit in front of the stage. The temperature was insane, and instead of calling it “The Garage”, Steve “Zetro” Souza renamed the venue the “Masoleum Sauna”.

After 90 minutes of vintage Thrash Metal, including great songs from the excellent Tempo Of The Damned, Exodus’ first and only Oslo-gig so far was then history… and it was truly a night to remember. Next time, let’s take it to a bigger venue, with air-conditioning shall we?


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