THORNLEY – Come Again

THORNLEY - Come Again


Roadrunner Records
Release date: May 11, 2004

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While putting on Come Again and looking at the cover of this release, it’s an easy task to conclude that Ian Thornley could have pulled off the 1st prize in any Chris Cornell sound and look-a-like contest. Needless to say, this guy can sing, and this 4-piece outfit sounds a lot like well whaddayaknow Soundgarden …

Together with well-known people like long time Bryan Adams-collaborator, Jim Vallance, and producer Gavin Brown, Ian Thornley has penned 12 songs in the Post Grunge/NuMetal tradition. Come Again offers a lot of easy listening rock songs that are very chorus-driven without breaking any rules. This, of course, has been done so many times before …

On a song like “Easy Comes,” Thornley is at his heaviest, and as his sound-a-like, Chris Cornell, he also fulfills great guitar duties alongside Tavis Stanley. Well-produced, these songs are mixed right up front to get the proper boost.

Come Again‘s first half delivers great rock tunes from the top shelf. The great opener, “Falling To Pieces,” the title track, “Come Again,” and “The Going Rate (My Fix)” are all stand-out rock songs. On the other end of the spectrum, “Beautiful” is a more mellow mid-tempo song with notable strengths.

This album may not cause a revolution in the music business, but Thornley is a typical American rock band that delivers great songs with strong in-your-face production. These four guys have also shown great talent in arranging and putting together these 12 songs in the best way possible. Come Again is hereby recommended for rock fans in general.


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