DEAD GIRLS CORP. – i like daisies

DEAD GIRLS CORP. - i like daisies
  • 6.5/10
    DEAD GIRLS CORP. - i like daisies - 6.5/10


DeadZone Sound design
Release date: April 13, 2004

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The all boy band transformed into a flock of femme fatales would seem like something out of Charles Bands’ world; you know, that guy who made that campy, horror film named Ghoulies.

Once “Bombs Begins” plays, it’s premise is not too far outside the realm of the soundtrack for Seven or Saw. Then, as soon as it finds itself under the influence of “Gravity”, the sad and desolate antics revert to the starkest kind of Industrial Metal. Continuing to redefine themselves, “T.V. Baby” aims to be psychedelic.

Overall, their scores are quite sorted. As a fair comparison, they frequently resemble Nine Inch Nails; especially in the tune “99 Lives”. Later, they expose the listener to a sick and twisted remake of INXS’ “Devil Inside”. Like the flu, it’s quite communicable. Initial reactions will be to quarantine yourself from this irregular version. Unfortunately, avoiding its transference is ultimately futile. In other words, the music is a train wreck, but it’s incredibly hard to sound off.

Even though the production is rough as hell, the underlying beats are insanely catchy and mesmeric. With that said, the best masochistic pleasure offered here is “New Man is Born”. While it’s hardly listenable, its reverberant delivery system quickly enhances the cut’s crapulent effects.

Looking at the liner notes, they forge their craft by wiping standard instruments with electronic percussion and a profuse dose of programming. The result isn’t as strangely exotic as Gingerdead Man or Evil Bong, but like those slimy, little monsters hiding in septic systems; this series of accessible suppositories will get you in the end.


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