WHYTE SEEDS – Memories Of Enemies

WHYTE SEEDS - Memories Of Enemies


Stockholm Records
Release date: October 8, 2003

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It has taken me a while to finish this review. After listening to “Memories Of Enemies” for a couple of days, I learned that I in a week’s time would get a chance to see the band live. Which I really wanted. So I waited.

This will not be a concert review, though, but I’ll gladly tell you about the content of the CD. The Whyte Seeds plays a mix between 60s underground, punk and 90s Britpop. And they do it very well!

Whyte Seeds really has no weak component. Keyboard player Olle Hagberg is the main composer, and that guy sure writes catchy stuff. The very tight drummer Nico gives about every track a tremendous kick in the ass. A great and utterly enjoyable variation in the guitar production is performed, and singer Axl’s voice is notably present all the time ( though himself looked completely lost live ). He, Axl, sounds fragile from time to time, but the more he does the more his voice grabs you.

Memories Of Enemies is their debut, and it’s a strong one. Get to listen to the opener “Black Key Song”, “Lost My Love”, “So Alone” and “Slow Motions”. They are all very good. The title track, on the other hand, and “Shallow Life” fall trough the high standards of the rest of the album. However, the band carries the weight of rock traditions and their inspiration sources with elegance, whether it is Faces, Velvet Underground or AC/DC. Throughout December and January they will be touring Sweden ( their home country ) and Germany.


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