Release date: 2003

Guitars: C-
Bass: B-
Percussion: C
Vocals: B+
Lyrics: B-
Recording Quality: C-
Originality: B
Overall Rating: B-

User Review
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Full Out Freak is a 4-man band from New York with a modern Hard Rock sound that can best be described as a cross between Green Day, Extreme, and Matchbox 20. Their recently released Demo contains 5 tracks: “After All,” “Little Conversations,” “Loser Anyway,” “What It’s Worth, and “I’ll Be Damned.” Full Out Freak’s CD can be ordered directly via the band’s Web site at the address shown below.


Full Out Freak has an overall “fresh,” natural, garage band sound that is further emphasized by the relatively rough production quality of this Demo CD. Joey, their lead vocalist, has a voice that’s primed and ready to deliver radio-play-friendly tracks. Like the band’s music, it’s natural and not over-dubbed or processed … just a good rock ‘n’ roll voice with an enjoyable tone and a comfortable range. To further complement the lead vocals, all of the band members are set up with microphones and use them well during the band’s occasional 4-part harmonies. Each of the songs has a good beat and solid chorus lines. This band indeed seems like they could be right on the cusp of becoming a “hit machine,” so to speak. With a bit more polished production quality and the backing of a record label’s promotional moxie, songs like “I’ll Be Damned” and “Loser Anyway” have all of the ingredients to easily become blockbusters similar to anything released in past efforts by Candlebox or the Foo Fighters.


The band is at its best when it performs with a harder, raw edge, however, the songs on this Demo only periodically delve into this more aggressive mode, opting instead to focus predominantly on the vocal aspects of their songs rather than tapping moreso into their musical potential. A better decision would plausibly be to allow their wonderfully rough musical side speak more often and more prominently.


Musically, there’s nothing truly outstanding in this Full Out Freak Demo, but the song structures are solid, and the band does demonstrate a cutting edge aggressive sound, at times, that definitely has the effect of creating excitement about their future. With a strong voice behind the lead microphone, and a penchant for creating catchy lyrical lines and choruses, Full Out Freak could indeed be the next in line to reap the riches from the current popularity wave caused by the aggressive New Rock Alternative Movement. Look too for their first full-length album sometime in the not-so-distant future!


  • Dan Skiba

    Dan is a former partner at Metal Express Radio, and also served as a reviewer, photographer and interviewer on occasions. Based out of Indianapolis, USA he was first turned on to Hard Rock music in the mid-1970s when he purchased Deep Purple's Machine Head as his first album. He was immediately enthralled with the powerful guitar sound and pronounced drumbeat, and had to get more! His collection quickly expanded to include as many of Heavy Rock bands of the time that he could get his hands on, such as Ted Nugent, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath, to name just a few.

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