SIGMA – Win Or Lose

SIGMA - Win Or Lose


Release date: August 2003

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Italian band Sigma’s recently released five-song demo, called Win or Lose, is obviously something they consider a stepping-stone at this time. They were previously with Atrheia Records, but are now shopping themselves around for a new label. Plus, they make all songs available for download at their website , so obviously they are not worried about album sales yet.

The demo starts with a song called “The Lake,” an atmospheric instrumental that is pretty, and also pretty boring. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to have this song on the demo, but it does give you an idea that they can write melodies.

The song, “Tears,” lets the vocalist Anthony Pecere introduce himself. (Sigma was actually known in another incarnation as Love Machine, but they tired of writing hard rock and wanted to turn more progressive/power metal. The former lead singer left, and in stepped Pecere.) This song has nice chugging riffs, a sort of happy feeling to it, and is solid overall. Just nothing special.

They step it up with “Pride and Forgiveness.” This song is slower at the start, and when it crescendos at the chorus, you can feel them began to switch gears. Since this is a demo, (the version received by Metal Express had a sticker on the actual CD), the production isn’t great. But, the drums sound good, the guitars are crisp, and everything comes together well.

“Win or Lose” is the song that really shows what Sigma can do. The strange guitar wah-wahs at the intro are innovative. This is the one song where you do hear a bit of an accent to Pecere’s voice, but it doesn’t hinder anything. The track doesn’t have the standard verse/verse/chorus construction, and it lends to the complexity of the tune. “Win or Lose” has the strongest vocals, musicianship and writing on the demo.

Since this is available for download and won’t cost you anything, give it a try. It’s not groundbreaking, but if you like Italian power metal, it’s at least as good as their brethren. It’ll be interesting to hear them after they latch on to a label and release something a little more polished.

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