WINDSEEKER – By The Seeds Of The Same God

WINDSEEKER - By The Seeds Of The Same God


Release date: May 10, 2003

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By The Seeds Of The Same God is an independent demo release by Italian Windseeker. Founding members Mauro Gelsomini (vocal) and Alessandro Di Clemente (guitar) has spend the last five years on recording one other demo, playing some shows and throwing members in and out of the band. The present lineup has recorded four tracks for the band’s new attempt at grabbing the world’s attention.

Windseeker is, you can say, a young band as a recording unit, but it leans on old metal traditions. By The Seeds Of The Same God sounds from time to time like Iron Maiden (especially the guitar work on track two, “I’m The Cybored”) (“Cybored”? I have never heard that word before…), and singer Gelsomini sounds like Bruce Dickinson all the time. Guitar player Di Clemente regularly adds some growling and darker backing vocal, which lifts the overall expression of their song arrangements.

However, this is quite common stuff. They add some prog-elements on their last track (track 4; “Snuffering”… Snuffering!??? Great title… almost as good as track three; “Deconstructure”. What is deconstructure?! Anyone?), but to me this is music without hooks enough, or enough elements of surprise, to be remembered one minute after listening to it. It might have been much better if the production had provided a clearer sound, as it is it isn’t sharp enough to cut trough at crucial moments.

Their lyrics are embarrassing, and I recommend the band to remove them from their homepage.

I am sure Windseeker holds the powers to do a pretty good appearance at local stages, they sound serious enough to put on a show, but as far as I’m able to judge they lack the necessary x-factor to get any attention to speak of elsewhere in the world.


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