PLATITUDE – Secrets Of Life

PLATITUDE - Secrets Of Life


Release date: March 10, 2003

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Why does any band need TWO keyboardists? Huh? Isn’t one almost overkill alone? Well, Platitude is a young band, and they’ll learn as they go.

The Swedish band Platitude is young – ranging in ages 16 to 21 – so it is amazing hearing their musicianship at this point in their career. Their debut release, Secrets of Life , is a great change of pace for people that love power metal, but are sick of the high-pitched “happy happy joy joy” being sung at them. Lead singer Erik Blomkvist has a very throaty lower range voice, and it has some bite to it as well. Plus, when he does hit the high notes, it shows that he can do it without strain.

They liken their sound to bands like Symphony X, Yngwie Malmsteen, Europe and Majestic. Which one of those bands doesn’t really fit? Actually, the song “Anima” sounds very similar to Europe’s “Ready or Not,” but only on the first couple lines of the verses. Otherwise, the best part about this band is that they own a distinct sound, not something easy to do in this genre. And what do they call this genre? Why, neoclassic metal, of course.

The coolest song on the CD is called “Raining Tears,” but there are a lot of them that come close. The guitars chug, and the keyboards accent it with somewhat out of place beautiful melodies at times, but there are many interesting arrangements inside the song, and it all fits.

At the band’s website, you can check out all the members of the band. And you must, because the lead singer definitely has a Trent Reznor aura going.

There is only one ballad on the CD, “Memories,” a somber tune that shows the bands versatility, and also the only song you can hear a slight accent in the vocals. In this case, it makes the song better, more emotive. But, the band is clearly not about writing love songs. Check out songs like “Last Sunset,” a very fast paced song that clubs home the line “you try to kill me … I’ll never die!” This song does have an Yngwie feel to it. Some other good songs are “Dance Thru the Fire,” “Secrets of Life” and “Evil Sky.”

You’d be hard-pressed to find a bad song on this CD. The production is good, and the songwriting, the overall feel … everything works. Except the two keyboardists. They will be playing at the Swedish Rock Festival this summer, so if you get the chance, they’ll definitely be one of the bands you don’t want to miss.

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