MERCURY RAIN – Dark Waters

MERCURY RAIN - Dark Waters


Release date: March 4, 2003

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From the mighty Queen’s England hails Mercury Rain. Well, the band is far from anything close to Manowar musically, more in the same genre as Nightwish. I am sure the band members are tired of hearing that, though. Mercury Rain is more progressive than the Finns, the most obvious similarity is the female singer that fronts the band. Does every band with a female singer get compared to Nightwish these days? Yes, they do. Honestly, this comparison is mostly valid on the album opener, “Broella”. There are symphonic and bombastic elements, fuzzy guitars and great orchestration along with slightly operatic vocals and fast kicking from the drummer. A band like Edenbridge is also natural to think of when listening to “Dark Waters”, but again, Mercury Rain is more diverse and not so German-sounding.

A quick look to the band’s impressive website tells me this is the five piece’s second attempt at reaching out to the world. I never heard the first, but on “Dark Waters”, the band seems quite ready to enter the big picture. Only a few details are still not present. I have heard demos from bands that have taken the world, and they were no better than this record. Mercury Rain needs a little push in the songwriting department. Actually, they need a hit. They might be capable of it, I am not saying they need someone else’s song, but I sense a lack of catchiness on this record. Very often, the progressive parts lead to lack of just that, but the band has come very close in search for the best formula.

So I said a hit is missing, and that’s because I think the material is outstanding without anything standing out too much. It’s a little too hard to highlight any songs as the record is overall pretty well done. I mentioned the opener, and I always have a look at the tracklisting whenever I hear “Marie Morgane”, so you go figure. “Le Paradis Du Couchant” is an acoustic number that ends the disc, a beautiful little piece in fact.

Don’t be surprised if a well-known label picks this band up and push it pretty good. It’s all a question of money and marketing. Mercury Rain does most things right, they’re a few short steps from where they should be. Someone like Sascha Paeth could do wonders with these boys and girl, as the potential to strike fully is evident. Make sure you check them out if attending Bloodstock in August. PS! I just have to mention the cover art. Words can’t describe it, it’s that awesome!


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