SYMPHORCE – Phorcefulahead

SYMPHORCE - Phorcefulahead


Metal Blade
Release date: January 13, 2003

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Isn’t this Andy B. Franck’s and Symphorce’s third CD? I choose to call it that, but let me know if good old Alzheimer is lurking around the corner. No matter what or if, it’s the strongest I have heard so far, including at least the last Brainstorm CD also, another band which Andy generously lends his killer voice to. Sometimes I am very tempted to call the music thrash metal, but it has too much power metal. On the other hand, it has too much thrash to be just power… It’s a good combination anyway, with strong melodies and attitude and aggression in the driver’s seat. (The last CD had a cover of Powermad’s “Nice Dreams”, so that gives you a hint…) And did I mention that Andy has a killer voice? Oh, that Alzheimer again… In 2002, that fact is not news anymore. Guitar player Cedric Cede Dupont, also with Freedom Call, shreds through the record with class, and like the press kit states – and I can do nothing but agree – this is by far the strongest Symphorce lineup.

“Unbroken”, “Moving In Circles” and “Your Blood, My Soul” are all songs that will have you; exactly, moving around in circles, and the rest of the material follows a horse’s neck later. I really don’t have much more to say (I wish record labels could include lyrics as well, I believe Andy has something on his mind), but make sure you try out a copy of PhorcefulAhead. If you don’t like it, I’ll take it!


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