ATELLO – Promo

ATELLO - Promo


Self financed
Release date: 2002

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This CD consist of 8 songs from two different albums, The Big Payoff and their brand new: The Wrecking Ball, therefore I can’t give you my views about their albums. Consider this a little teaser, then…

Respect. That’s what these guys deserve, and some platinum albums! Playing this kind of music in 2002, without ever having made it ( file under: 80s bands touring and releasing compilation albums) back then, proves that Atello never were, or will be a trend-jumping band. Maybe they will be first in line if/ when the “LA-metal/ heavy rock music will the America’s favorite music once again? If you are/ were a sucker for: LA Guns, White Lion, Mötely Crüe, Ratt, Poison or Tesla, this will be right up your (sleazy) alley! Still, having none of the production budget as the above mentioned acts, Atello still writes catchy songs and possesses enough talent to make it. Support them now, and brag about it later.

Highlights: The guts and glory of Atello (and Love me Down, Before my eyes, The money shot and Hard to the core).


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