SEVEN WITCHES – Xiled To Infinity And One

SEVEN WITCHES - Xiled To Infinity And One


Release date: April 30, 2002

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One of the nicest guys in metal, Jack Frost, sent me a very rough version of this CD some time ago, and I was a little disappointed at first. So I learned two things; don’t ask for products that are not 100% presentable, and if you do – don’t review it until you heard the final mastered mix. The first thing I found out the hard way, the latter I didn’t. Now, why don’t I get down to business? Joining Savatage guitar player Frost’s little baby this time, and hopefully for a long time, is Wade Black, known from Lucian Black and Crimson Glory’s fourth record, the comeback and go back album Astronomica. I belong to those who think that Black did an outstanding job for Drenning & Co. – and the man is indeed on the same level this time, too. Wade Black lives, eats and breathes metal, though his haircut nowadays can be discussed…

The first four songs on Xiled To Infinity And One are really killer stuff; driving, hard hitting, fist pounding metal with lots of attitude. “Metal Tyrant”, “Incubus” and the title track are all future classics. On the other hand, track five, “Warmth Of Winter”, is one that I have a few issues with. This is more modern metal, and maybe it would do good as a single in the US, but it’s not a good cup of tea for a conservative old-school Metalhead who never will look for something modern to embrace, just for the sake of it. The next couple of songs are okay, though not at all as good as the first four. So it’s when the Mountain King himself, the songwriter and singer of the 21st century, Jon Oliva enters the picture with “The Burning”, that the real fun starts over again. Man, Jon hasn’t sounded this “breathtaking” in quite a few years, something that maybe shows that Savatage is in need of new blood in the producer’s chair. (I am on a sidetrack here, but before anyone thinks I dislike the genius O’Neill, just let it be). “The Burning” sounds classic Savatage, and it gives hope for what we can expect from that band in the future, as Frost sure has the energy and attitude to get the band back on track. And with myself back on track; I have to mention the cover of Grim Reaper’s “See You In Hell”, which closes Xiled To Infinity And One. Joe Comeau from Annihilator does a great guest appearance here.

Nevertheless, despite my small issues with a few of the songs, this record will indeed do good for Seven Witches. This is one of the most important metal releases this year, so no matter what I say, you should check it out for yourself. Prepare to be metalized, be-Witched and err… breathtaking!


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