ANGRA – Hunters And Prey

ANGRA - Hunters And Prey


Release date: April 24, 2002

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Now here’s a band that knows what the fans need in wait for the next studio CD. Yeah, it’s time for another EP folks, though this EP has more running time than classics like TNT’s “Knights Of The New Thunder”, or Slayer’s “Reign In Blood” for that matter. It’s really hard to give points to an EP, so don’t take those 8 out of 10 very seriously, we all know Angra is worth more. But you just have to take a point or two off as it is “just an EP”. Anyway, first there’s a remake of “Live And Learn”, an old song first demoed for the “Holy Land” CD, which still is the most progressive piece of work on Angra’s fine list. “Live And Learn” is pretty much the same song as back in ’95, though the opening is different. The lyrics and the main riff as well as the solos are more or less the same. The section after the solo is more bombastic than before, with big choruses, but then again, it’s never fair to compare a final product to a demo. I am quite sure this is how the song was meant to be back then also.

By the way, a great song in true Angra manner, with tempo, a neat melody and screaming guitars and impressive instrumental work. Next up is “Bleeding Heart”, a ballad that was also the bonus track to prevent the Japanese from importing the CDs from elsewhere. Not really up there with “Heroes Of Sand” from “Rebirth” (and its title track), nevertheless a beautiful melody that puts most AOR bands today in the shadow. The piece has nice orchestration and once again, a neat and melodic guitar solo. Time for the title track, “Hunters And Prey”, a song that includes some of the rhythms the bands played on their last tour on acoustic drums. A unique riff, just as unique as everything else this band does, along with very native Brazilian percussion, and not the heaviest Angra recording to date, but a midtempo song. As much as I like the song (I do!), I can’t help but think that Angra might have gotten a taste of the commercial success back home (I emphasize “might have”). But hey, this is only one song, and who am I to predict the future of the band after hearing only one new song. All I am saying is; I hope the next record has a rougher edge to it than this. Did I mention that it still is a great song? Well, it sure is. Also, the second version of the song ends the EP, sung in native language.

Next up, another song from the “Holy Land” sessions, “Eyes Of Christ”. Here’s where I have to say; I like the good old demo slightly better. The version on this EP does neither include the acoustic guitar intro nor the dramatic piano part in the middle of the song. While I don’t care much for that intro, the piano part was really good. Also, the original solo was a little more gutsy. Again, the song is good by all means, but the demo was even better. Or to put it in a different way; the demo was more suited for “Holy Land” and the new version is more suited for Angra today – and that goes without saying Angra today in general is any less brilliant than the “Holy land” era! No way!

Back to the EP, and what follows are acoustic versions of “Rebirth” and “Heroes Of Sand”. They are pretty much as expected; they both work out fine, “Rebirth” a little better than the other maybe. Not totally acoustic though, as the solo in the latter is clean and electric. These two songs were (and still are) two of the strongest (power) ballads written in the last years. The outro fade in “Heroes…” is a little annoying though.

“Mama”, a cover of the Genesis song”, is next, and though I am not very familiar with Genesis, I do believe that this is done quite successfully. I’ll let the diehard Genesis fans decide whether or not it really is. Myself, I really look forward to the version the band has recorded of Led Zeppelin’s legendary “Kashmir”. That’s when I can decide successful or not.

Having already mentioned “Caca E Cacador”, the other version of “Hunters…”, that’s about it (except for the CDR section which includes photos and video clips). You may wonder why “only an EP” has such a well covered review, and apart from saying that Angra is one of my absolute favorite bands and that they never let their fans down, I really don’t have a good answer for you. Check out the fabulous five at Wacken Open Air this year, or at the Progpower in Atlanta in November – I’ll see you there!


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