MOTÖRHEAD – Hammered

MOTÖRHEAD - Hammered


SPV Records
Release date: April 9, 2002

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Motorhead finally releases some brand new material, having put out a lot of re-releases to pass the time( and get some more money) before this baby arrived. Has it been worth the long wait? Well, if you’re a Motorhead fan, you won’t be disappointed, and that’s a guarantee! All of these tracks could have been on any of the old Motorhead records, and they will fit in nicely in the set-list for their upcoming tours. Motorhead are like AC/DC, you don’t expect any revolutionary/groundbreaking stuff on their records. Remember, they INVENTED their own unique sound a long time ago, so what have they to prove? Nothing, except trying to live up to their own high standards. Long live Motorhead! Long live rock ‘n’ roll! And it ain’t no crime to get hammered…


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