WE – Dinosauric Futurobic

WE - Dinosauric Futurobic


Black Balloon Records
Release date: March 13, 2002

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I don’t know what Black Balloon Records put in their bands diet, but they’ve managed to put out another modern-day classic! Yup, last years debut album from El Caco Viva was also released on this label, and Black Balloon must be THE label to follow. WE’s brand new album, Dinosauric Futurobic hit all the sweet spots, and have been a slave for my stereo. Describing WE’s music is not easy, but their songs are full of various influences, mixing it up with their own unique sound. Riffy rock ‘n roll, doom-laden riffs, moody and heavy, melodic with a pop twist and some eastern sounds as well. Phew! Still, having a cool sound, does not make a great record. Fortunately, WE writes great songs as well, and I have no trouble recommending this album for someone looking for a new band.

If this tickles your fancy, grab yourself a copy of Dinosauric Futurobic.

Highlights: Galactic Racetrack, Dinosauric Futurobic, Organic Room, 1971


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