PEGAZUS – The Headless Horseman


Nuclear Blast
Release Date: March 11, 2002

User Review
3/10 (1 vote)

Beware, the Pegazus warriors from down under return with their fourth CD, and as always; there’s a horse on the cover! If it wasn’t, you know this would only be a bootleg… More than two years have passed since “Breaking The Chains”, but even with new blood – singer Rob Thompson – the band hasn’t changed too much. A little though; this is Pegazus’ hardest and fastest CD yet, but we’re still talking about traditional metal in 70’s and 80’s manner. I liked the two CD’s the band did with Danny Cecati on vocals a lot, so therefore I am a little disappointed that Thompson can’t fill his shoes, though Danny is a little tiny guy with small feet. The new kid on the block has a clean and good voice, but it lacks the power and expression that little Danny had. Also, with the risk of feeling unsafe when I finally make it to Australia for vacation, I will state that the songwriting was slightly better last time around. That doesn’t mean the songs are not good, just not as good as last time, and not up to what I expected. The title track is good, and so is “Nightstalker” and “Forever Chasing Rainbow”. And the tribute to Phil Lynott is a funny one; the “Ballad Of A Thin Man”, a Thin Lizzy-like song that has lyrics based on the most well known song titles from a great man who is still missed. Speaking of lyrics, “The Headless Horseman” doesn’t really appeal to the Queensrÿche fans – if they have any fans left. If you don’t mind a mix of Sacred Steel and Manowar lyrically, check this CD out.


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