AT VANCE – Dragonchaser


Shark Records
Release Date: November 26, 2001

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Well, well, well. A German band that play slightly neo-classical heavy metal wouldn’t make me pay attention, but these guys are very good. At Vance know how to incorporate good and catchy melodies in their guitar- and synth-based metal, and they have an outstanding singer who would be next on Yngwie’s list of people to misuse and abuse. The guy even reminds a bit of maestro Jorn Lande, too, and maybe David Coverdale? Similarities to Stratovarius can be found, so if you look for something new, beware. The instrumental “Beethoven, 5th Sinfonie” is highly enjoyable, not to forget the stunning version of ABBA’s “The Winner Takes It All”, which is just as good as Rob Rock’s version of “Eagle”. The ballad “Heaven Can Wait” is a hit, along with uptempo “Ages Of Glory”. At Vance is ready to eat cherries with the big guys…


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