WISDOM CALL – Wisdom Call


Release Date: May 15, 2001

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Oh no, how can this be? I respect Christain Liljegren for his work in Narnia. I really do! This CD on the other hand, takes away all my respect. I am sorry to say that, as it now seems that Christian is sick of seeing a great band as Narnia overshadowed by the true metal wave. That could be the reason why he now jumps on the bandwagon and makes the most ridiculous true metal I have heard in a long, long time. Everything about this Cd makes my belly spin around. The sound is not good, and the songs are so ultra-traditional you’ll have to believe Hammerfall invented Heavy Metal to be a fan of this (hopefully) side-project. I like Hammerfall, and I respect that they give the youngsters what they missed 15 years ago. But, I don’t think Mr. Liljegren likes Hammerfall, but he likes their success, and he wants a slice of the pie.


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