MARAH – Kids In Philly


Artemis Records
Release Date: March 21, 2000

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Signed to Steve Earle’s label, expectations were quite high before sliding this record in, and waiting for the speakers to give the verdict. Rootsy, rock ‘n roll delivered with sass and conviction, Marah’s latest album is a real gem. A well-balanced album, successfully blending different musical-styles, steeped in electric blues, country, rock ‘n roll, the album kicks off in splendid fashion with “Faraway you”. It’s a perfect start to the album, and it’s the kind of song that should kick off Friday nights in every self-respecting rocker’s home. “Point Breeze” shuffles along, a happy go lucky song, and is followed by “Christian St.”, a good time rocker with a horn-backing, which have not been heard since the Stones 70’s records. Excellent stuff! The moody “It’s only money Tyrone”, and the Sunday afternoon feeling of “My heart is the bums…” drops the pace a little, before the scratchy, noisy: “The Catfisherman” spills out all over the floor, and sets up the scene for the catchy “Round eye blues”. Acoustic guitars with drive, and a little Spanish atmosphere makes this one of the best songs of the album. And still there are four more songs on the album. Not a weak one among them. Kids in Philly is an album for those of you that not only listen to heavy metal, but also enjoy cool songs, whatever you might call the music. The album grows on you after repeated listening, so give it a chance. You might get another favorite band.
Highlights: “Faraway you”, “Round eye blues”, “This town”, “Christian St.”, “Point Breeze”.


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