METAL EXPRESS began in 1985 by Stig G. Nordahl, President, as a Hard Rock and Heavy Metal radio station, serving Oslo, Norway and surrounding areas. Taking advantage of modern technology, METAL EXPRESS was taken to the next (worldwide) level in March 2000 when Nordahl opted to move METAL EXPRESS RADIO to the Internet, and created one of the first interactive Web sites for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, with streaming audio on demand.

Because of its 30+ years in existence, METAL EXPRESS has been able to establish and continuously nurture on-going relationships with virtually every band/artist and record label falling within the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal music genre. These on-going relationships have allowed METAL EXPRESS RADIO to legitimately boast it possesses the largest inventory of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music on the Internet (approximately 70,000 tracks loaded in MP3 format with thousands more available in our CD library).

The METAL EXPRESS RADIO Crew is currently comprised of Metal gurus from the United States, Norway, the U.K., Germany, and Sweden.

All of this industry experience and goodwill between our management and the bands/artists and record labels translates to www.MetalExpressRadio.com being the “Ultimate Heavy Metal Web Site!” The future of the METAL EXPRESS RADIO Web site.

Want Your Music Played On Metal Express Radio?

Would you like your music featured on Metal Express Radio and/or have it possibly reviewed on the Metal Express Radio Web site (this includes unsigned bands)?

Due to the volume of releases we can’t guarantee a review even though we will try to assign it a reviewer and have one written. We can guarantee radio play if your music’s genre matches our station’s programming and target audience. If that’s the case, we will put your best tracks onto rotation.

If you’re interested in Metal Express Radio airplay, then you can submit material a couple of different ways. Send an EPK or MP3s to our general e-mail inbox at:

metalexpress@gmail.com and scott (at) metalexpressradio.com

And/or Send a physical CD promo to our following office:

Metal Express Radio
attn: Scott Jeslis
13804 South Quail Run Drive
Plainfield, IL 60544

(Please no Black/Death/Hardcore/Metalcore/Extreme Metal! If it has “Cookie Monster” vocals it’ll get tossed aside after track two!)

Contact: Scott at scott (at) metalexpressradio.com

Another Exposure Oppurtunity For Any Band …

If you’re in a band, contact Scott (scott (at) metalexpressradio.com) to find out what it takes to become our “Band Of The Week”. We’re offering a great package to give your band some preferential, intensive worldwide exposure via our Web site and radio stream!


If you wish to advertise on the Web site or radio stream, please contact us at our general email account: metalexpress@gmail.com!
On behalf of METAL EXPRESS MANAGEMENT, we hope you enjoy what you see and hear … feel free to send your suggestions and comments to metalexpress@gmail.com at any time! ROCK ON!!!


  1. what is the name of the band and the name of the song “you make me crazy” that I just heard? Please.

    Thank you.
    Awesome radio station.
    Very best regards.

  2. My TV provider turned off Heavy Metal music. Those bastards! My home entertainment system is now streaming Metal Express Radio 24/7. Thanks for being on the Internet.

    Tony in Los Angeles, CA USA.

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