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    WE ARE THE CATALYST - Predators - 6.8/10


September 27, 2018
Ferocity Records
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Swedish Metal act We Are The Catalyst has released “Predators” as a single off the upcoming full length album Ephemeral, which drops in early 2019. While some may be quick to write this off as yet another by-the-numbers, female fronted metal band, We Are The Catalyst has a unique style and blend of influences that could easily find mass appeal.

“Predators” blends a wide range of styles including Modern Rock, Progressive Metal, Atmospheric Rock, and perhaps even Indie Pop Rock. This heavy, mid-tempo, down-tuned track, has the thick layers and reverb laden vocals that are currently popular in Indie genres. This is combined with Djent style guitar riffage, and progressive leaning drum work.

Since this is a relatively new band, it’s a bit surprising that there is so much of an embrace of the currently, widely unpopular Modern Rock genre. That being said, since We Are The Catalyst is a European act, they might be somewhat insulated from trends that stem from America.

Singer Cat Fey’s vocals are fittingly airy and Pop-like, and with the top-level production on this track (and others put out by this band), “Predators” has the mainstream accessibility that could invite interest from film studios. This could even be considered metal for people who normally wouldn’t like metal, yet it still has enough punch and power to please more traditional fans of heavier music.


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