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Daily Album Premiere Tuesday: MARCO MENDOZA – Viva La Rock

5. March 2018

Viva La Rock is the third solo album from prolific bassist and vocalist Marco Mendoza.  Mendoza is currently also a member of the American Rock band The Dead Daisies, and has been a member of Thin Lizzy, Blue Murder, Whitesnake, the David Lee Roth Band, and many, many others, with a discography of ...READ MORE

Interview with MARCO MENDOZA (The Dead Daisies)

20. December 2016

With a new album, Make Some Noise, garnering great reviews along with a new line-up, The Dead Daisies are heading in an upward trajectory.  Metal Express Radio’s Mick Burgess caught up with bassist Marco Mendoza to talk about the album, the tour, changes to the line-up and his proposed solo ...READ MORE
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