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Interview with MARCO MENDOZA (The Dead Daisies)

20. December 2016

With a new album, Make Some Noise, garnering great reviews along with a new line-up, The Dead Daisies are heading in an upward trajectory.  Metal Express Radio’s Mick Burgess caught up with bassist Marco Mendoza to talk about the album, the tour, changes to the line-up and his proposed solo ....READ MORE


16. November 2016

With two of the newer generation of Classic Rock bands, The Dead Daisies from The States and Ireland`s The Answer, hitting the road on a co-headlining tour, this was one show that went straight into the calendar as soon as the dates were announced. The revolving door that has at various times seen ....READ MORE

DOUG ALDRICH (The Dead Daisies) Interview

9. November 2016

He`s worked alongside some of the biggest names in the business from Ronnie James Dio and David Coverdale.  He played in his own bands Lion, Bad Moon Rising and Burning Rain and recently toured with Glenn Hughes.  He`s now the latest member of the revolving line up of The Dead Daisies.  Mick Burgess called him ahead of the tour to talk about the new Dead Daisies album, Make Some Noise, the UK tour, writing with Dio and Coverdale as well as auditioning for KISS as a teenager not to mention an update on the elusive Kal Swan, singer in Tytan, Lion and Bad Moon Rising. ....READ MORE
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