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Skid Row


8. March 2018

With the Beast From The East well on its way and the snow fast becoming yesterday`s news, it`s a relief to get back to normal after last weekend`s gigs were decimated by the unusually freak weather and tonight, Newcastle was ready to Rock. Bad Touch must be one of the hardest working bands around ...READ MORE


16. September 2015

Wednesday the 24th of March, Oslo, Norway. A great night for those about to rock! First I witnessed TNT in their best shape for a decade, delivering an awesome gig at Rockefeller Concert Hall. Then, half an hour later I found myself at John Dee, a club, where Skid Row entered the stage! Skid Row: ...READ MORE

Skid Row Audio Interview 2003

13. March 2004

Interview with Snake from Skid Row about the break up, the 2nd coming after 7 years with the new album Thickskin, getting a new vocalist and the change of musical style.       LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE! by Stig G. Nordahl             Reviews SKID ROW ...READ MORE

Sebastian Bach Audio Interview 2002

10. November 2002

Interview with Sebastian Bach about playing the main role in "Jesus Christ Superstar" on Broadway, his previous musicals, his "Bring´em Bach Alive" album and the the though of joining the ex-members from Guns´n Roses in a band. ...READ MORE
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