SLAYER – Repentless



SLAYER – Repentless
Nuclear Blast
Release Date: 2015-09-11
by: Dan Skiba

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slayer-repentless.jpgThrash Metal icons Slayer have weathered many storms since the release of their last album, World Painted Blood in 2009, including the passing of guitarist Jeff Hanneman. Enter now Gary Holt (ex-Exodus) as his replacement and re-enter Paul Bostaph on the drum kit along with a new label in Nuclear Blast, and finally fans are treated to a new album that the band was finally able to pull off entitled Repentless, released on September 11th, the unfortunately unforgettable date when the World Trade Twin Towers fell to terrorist attacks in New York. “Repentless” and September 11th … a coincidence? Doubtful …



Musically, from start to finish Repentless is chock full of up-tempo Doomy Thrash and should feel very familiar to the legions of Slayer fans out there. The production quality is solid and although Tom Araya spends most of his energies in a quasi-shout mode, there’s still plenty of melody to be found. This may not be the best or heaviest or angriest Slayer album ever made, but Slayer has most certainly fed their Repentless flock. And, although they have nothing to prove after 30+ years of ripping it up, Slayer hasn’t lost their ability to ROCK with the heavyweights.

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