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Blaze Bayley Audio Interview 2002

9. January 2002

Interview with Blaze Bayley about his 2nd  album with Blaze called “10th Dimension”       LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE! by Stig G. Nordahl         Read our 10 Dimension review ...READ MORE

Vanderhoof Audio Interview

9. November 1997

Interview with Vanderhoof while on tour with Savatage in 1998 about how the band started with a couple of members from Metal Church and the band's musikal style ...READ MORE

The Quiet Room Audio Interview

9. September 1998

Mike Rice talking about the previous The Quiet Room albums Introspect (1997) and the fortcoming album Reconceive (2000) and the line up changes between     LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE! by Stig G. ...READ MORE

Riot Audio Interview 1999

9. September 1999

Interview with vocalist Mike Dimeo about how he got into the band and why their music changed on the album "Inishmore" and the new album "Sons of Society" ...READ MORE
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